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        Address: No.1 Huaye Road, Dongbang Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China.
        P.C: 215534
        Tel: +86-512-51928332
        Fax: +86-512-51928332
        Mobile: 13732609130
        Website: www.www.rcfld.com
        Company: www.cstower.cn
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        Homepage: About us >> Company Profile 

        Changshu Fengfan Power Equipment Co., Ltd.(Former: Changshu Steel Tower Co.,Ltd, was established in 1992,which is centralized management by National Electric Power Company )
        It is specializing in the production of galvanized high pressure, super-high voltage transmission line iron tower, steel pipe, steel tube pole, steel structure support of substation of complex tower, and other professional various kinds of supporting steel structure products. Our products have been used in more than 20 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. And also products have been exported to Japan, Australia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Myanmar and other countries and regions.

        Since Fengfan was established, our mainly production and business operation are angle steel tower. From the year 2000, according to the needs of the development of the market, the company began to form a steel tubular tower production line, and has set up a second workshop. The company has purchased the CNC flame cutting machine, milling machine, CNC nozzle-vessel junction cutting machine, CNC sheet metal bending machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector, on roller universal machine equipment and instruments in the same year. We researched and developed the group platform equipments.

        Since 2002, Fengfan enters a period of rapid development, in order to quickly provide more high quality products, the company has purchased CNC steel joint production line;specialized CNC Angle drilling production line,;CNC punching;composite drilling machine;hydraulic shearing machine; CNC plasma cutter, double work table of longmen mobile CNC drilling machine, which are effectively changed the previous can only used by manual drilling process when the angle is 160 mm and above, improved the production efficiency and hole finish, avoided the inclined hole and bellmouth orifice, so as to ensure the accuracy and speed of the processed products.

        Fengfan’s total area is three hundred and eighty thousand square meters, it has self-provided 4 water transportation terminals in the plant area; it also has the world's leading various automation tower processing production line; hot galvanizing production line; metal cutting equipments and measuring the physical and chemical precision instruments, etc. Fengfan is a relatively large scale and strongly comprehensive iron component manufacturing company with advanced technological equipment and advanced Inspection equipments.

        Science and Technology Exchanges

        In order to further improve the quality of the Fengfan Company, in order to reach the world advanced level in science and technology, since 1992, Fengfan established a long-term relations of cooperation with several famous domestic design and research institutions,these institutions are: Shanghai Tongji university;Taiwan Chung Yuan University;Shanghai Steel Structure Association;Designing Institute of Broadcasting and TV Bureau;Shanghai autoimmunization institute,etc. In January 1996, in March and August of 1997, Fengfan designed and manufactured ANT, KDD communications platform architecture for U.S. military base in Okinawa and Japan Nagano Winter Olympics, which have good reputation. In addition, our company’s galvanized quality is the leading level in the domestic. Our galvanizing process is using German process, under the guidance of Mr. Thomas H Cook, who is a famous expert of the German ASTM association, so that our plating products are appraised by experts both at home and abroad. Our company’s galvanizing processing technology has been used in key projects, such as Beijing Capital International Airport expansion and Changan Avenue lamp transformation, etc. Fengfan also keeps a good relationship with transmission design and scientific research departments of the United States ABB group, Swiss POWERINVEST company, France GTMH, Japan NEC, Fujitsu Company and other world famous big companies and groups, which makes our company develop continuously in international market.

        Company adopts an advanced computer design program for tower lofting, and we have independent intellectual property rights. From 3D structure analysis of Iron Tower, data processing to the pole figure, template drawing and processing, we are all computerization processing. Our microprocessor-based lofting data and numerical control production line terminal are directly contacted, and  carry out production and the total number of products. Company through the way of introduction and self-improvement, has also developed an advanced database system of tower structure size calculation and checking program and material management. We are keeping update the system, which makes Fengfan maintain a leading domestic level in the field of tower structure calculation lofting, also makes Fengfan as the leading position in the related industry.

        In 2009, we established science and technology association, R&d center of Fengfan Electric Power Equipment co., LTD. We researched composite insulation cross arm as the first in domestic, which filled the blank of this technology in domestic. In December 2009, officially operation in Lian Yungang.

        Group  Management

        Year after year in the development of the production at the same time, the company continuously strengthen internal management. Various functional departments and production unit have clear responsibility, quick dispatch, which are forming an organic whole, to ensure the normal production and operation of company. The company pays strongly attention to the management of raw materials: inspect steel appearance and test physical and chemical when raw materials are put in storage, according to the national standard, and then choose qualified supplier of fixed-point feeding by the program, so that to ensure the quality of raw materials. At the same time, we also ensure the raw material supply channels open, to ensure the project operating smoothly. In addition, the company pays attention to the quality of the enterprise management, with advanced technology and equipment, strong technical force, perfect quality assurance system, to provide customers high quality products and excellent service, in order to ensure product ex- factory pass rate --100%, contract execution rate of 100%.

        Key Project

        In 2000, World Bank lending projects in Jiangyin large international tower bidding project, more than a dozen international well-known enterprises to participate in, we-- Changshu Fengfan Power Equipment Co., Ltd. won the bid. Our company successfully processed the four base anchor towers, cooperated with Jiangnan shipyard; we processed the 2 base large span towers (Total height is346.5 meters, which is the world's highest transmission iron tower). In 2003, our company processed the world's highest altitude --4800 meters of Tibet Naan line project of 1207 tons. In early 2004, our company successfully processed the guangdong YangXian across the river steel tube tower (height of 162 meters, single-base weighs 565 tons). In March 2005, our company successfully processed the first domestic 750 KV power transmission and transformation demonstration project in Northwest, 750 KV Guanlan line iron tower of 1512 tons. In February, 2005, our company successfully processed the State Grid Corporation --a DC transmission Cai Bai line project, total of 8426 tons. We have a high praise by our good processing quality and after-sales service by the construction units. In December, 2005, our company has signed the domestic first contract, LiXi Project: 500 KV line with four circuits on the same tower. The project was designed by East China Electric Power Design Institute, total line 80 kilometers; total weight of 19937 tons, total line was processed by my company. These samples proved that our enterprise stongly comprehensive processing capacity at home and abroad, we are worthy of trust and cooperation. Our products won widespread praise.

        Fengfan has always been adhering to the concepts which put our customers as the center of the sales and service. We provide customers in high quality, high speed in the whole process from the production, transportation, construction to the after-sales service. "Make Credibility first, make customer as God" is the tenet of our company. Our company leaders regularly or not regularly visit the users, investigate the use of the products, operation, and solicit opinions from the clients, in order to improve the quality of products and services. We, Changshu Fengfan Power Equipment co., Ltd. will work hard to struggle, vowed to build our company as the leader of the tower enterprise and tower export base in China. In addition, we decide to make greater contributions to the development of power industry in the world

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        Tel: +86-512-51928332    Fax: +86-512-51928332    Mobile: 13732609130